FAQ - Questions on our office service

What is a „virtual“ office?

A virtual office saves expenses by outsourcing. It also helps to bridge bottlenecks on the personnel side. You secure permanent accessibility even without manning a “real” office.


Who should use an office service?

Small and medium size firms as well as start up businesses can profit from a modern, well run office center. Our flexible products and fees will enable you to spare precious resources for value-add activities.

Does “Büroservice: 99” know anything about my business?

Our team is well trained and will be fully conversant with your business needs following a briefing which you as our customer will conduct. Thus “Büroservice: 99” can guarantee that your needs are addressed in a professional manner.

May I use the phone service in other cities as well?

Our phone service may be used in every German city and even worldwide. The service is independent regardless of our Frankfurt location.

How long will it take to set up the office service?

As a rule setting up the service can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. You may test our service in seconds by entering your company name and phone number on our Home page.


Can my business be reached continuously?

We will assign a personal service partner to your account daily from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. No calls from customers will ever be lost.


How flexible is the service at “Büroservice: 99”?

Our customers only pay for the services they need. We are flexible and work out the best program for each client. There are no long term contractual agreements.

Will the phone service improve my customer service?

As a rule customer service improves enormously because important information is passed on immediately while unsolicited advertising is vetted and filtered out.


Who is responsible for my calls?

Customer service always profits from personal contact. That’s why “Büroservice: 99” has an experienced team of permanent staff assigned to your account. This improves trust and continuity in customer relations.

How safe are my company details with “Büroservice: 99”?

Our company has stood for security and integrity for years. Access to your data is limited to our long term staff only. Furthermore you decide how much information you will share with us.

Which opportunities are offered by our conference facilities?

The conference rooms in Frankfurt are available at short notice. There is access to WLAN and the rooms are equipped with flipcharts and beamer. The rooms are fully air conditioned and catering is available on request.